Bond Bone 0.5cc syringe
3 Drivers per box
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Excellent binder: BONDBONE is an excellent binder for other granular augmentation materials. It Facilitates easy handling and prevents particle migration, supporting predictable outcomes.

Versatile: BONDBONE may be used either as bonding material within a composite graft or by itself. It boosts other grafting materials for the augmentation of large defects and can be used alone for small defects and for socket preservation procedures. BONDBONE can be used as a barrier over other augmentation materials.

Easy handling: The initial pliable BONDBONE paste sets within two to five minutes, allowing both significant reduction of procedure time and excellent handling.

Perfect stability: Setting is not affected by the presence of blood or saliva.

Pure and safe: BONDBONE does not contain any components other than calcium sulfate.

Osteoconductive: The unique porous structure of BONDBONE allows infiltration of growth factors through its microspores, as well as angiogenesis and cell proliferation through its macropores.

Completely resorbs: BONDBONE completely resorbs, leaving behind newly regenerated natural bone.

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