4Bone RSB 30x40mm Resorbable Collagen Membrane (Stiff)

4Bone RSB is a bioresorbable, cell occlusive membrane engineered from highly purified bovine collagen. It's indicated for use as a barrier membrane in guided tissue regeneration procedures in the area of dental implants, bone defects, and ridge augmentations.
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Stiff Size: 30X40mm.

Versatile: Either side may be placed against bone/tissue.

Effective: Semi-permeable- Guides healing of bone and surrounding tissue. Fully resorbable.

Easy to Use: Non-friable with excellent handling properties- Easy to trim and shape.

Safe: Sterile. Engineered from highly purified Type I bovine collagen.

Note: Predictable resorption time up to 6-9 months.

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